About Cana

Dear Reader,

I’ve been an avid reader most of my life. You may understand what I mean when I say that there’s almost nothing like diving into a book that captures your attention so completely, you can’t put it down. After many years of reading wonderful stories written by other people, I finally sat down one day to write some of my own.

My imagination runs on autopilot. What I mean by that is, I daydream quite a bit. I also have the most fantastic dreams at night. These things, combined with a love for writing, make up the recipe for my stories.

6D38069D-30F2-465E-B946-DE6C90F0082FI published my debut novel on January 5th, 2018, through Highview Press, titled “The Child of 100 Years” (go to Amazon.com). It took a while to write, but since getting that story on paper, I have loads of other ideas that seem to want to turn into books as well. Currently, I’m working on a Young Adult series titled “White Tunnel” (read the prologue).

Thanks for stopping by!


Cana lives with her husband and two sons near Rochester, NY, where she teaches full-time at a private high school.