I have crazy dreams.


Do you remember your dreams? I do. They’re vivid and intriguing. I told you before, I got the idea for my book from a dream.

For some reason, I dream about buildings quite a bit. They’re always abandoned buildings with lots of floors and elevators that don’t work, or decrepit bathrooms. I’m not afraid when I have these dreams. In fact, I don’t even question what’s happening, I simply move through it. Funny, maybe that means something. Our brains process life while we sleep, especially in REM, and many times life can feel like an abandoned building, filled with emptiness and things that don’t work. But truthfully, we need to move through it. Find your way out – and by that I mean don’t give up.

Just because we’re in a dark place, doesn’t mean we’re without hope.

When I dream something I don’t understand, I use it as an opportunity to self-reflect. I know it can be tempting to dismiss something like a dream as nonsense, or forget it as soon as we start our day, but I believe the ability to dream is a gift. A dream is a glimpse into the things we suppress and refuse to feel. I’m grateful for dreams.

So next time you have a crazy dream, try dissecting it a little. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself – or what ideas come to you when you do.

Keep dreaming!

The story so far…

I’ve been working on this manuscript for over three years now. It’s based on a dream I had in early 2014. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but used to start stories and leave them unfinished. I moved a few times recently, and went through some pretty major changes in my life, so I suppose you could argue it set me back a bit. Three years may sound like a long time. However, I will not leave this story unfinished.

Actually, I did complete the first draft of the manuscript last year. I even queried a number of literary agents in the summer, but received one rejection after another. It was tempting to give up. I hear it takes some people years to find an agent. Then in December, 2016, I started working on the story again – from the beginning. That’s right. I’m currently rewriting the entire novel. At this very moment, I’ve hit 63,061 words. My goal is 85,000 words, so I’m getting closer. This version of the story will get published. I’ll query again first, yet I’m considering indie publishing as well.

The point is, I’m just determined. I want to write books, so that’s what I’m doing. I’ve read my fair share of novels over the years, and I know what it takes to make a good story.